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Our satisfied customers include...


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Under promise / over deliver

We make a point of managing client expectations. We will not undertake work that we cannot deliver. We will not commit to timescales that cannot be met.

Open mind / flexible approach

We are willing to invest time and effort in considering all project proposals. We can be flexible about such issues as the range of alternative solutions, the scope of our involvement and the commercial terms under which work is undertaken.


Having spent many years in the computing industry we at d4 Business Solutions are well aware that all too often IT is not used to provide business benefits. We strive to overcome this perception. We will provide first class solutions that will bring real business benefits. We will not smother you in jargon and gobbledegook. We will work in partnership with you to deliver what you are looking for... simple, effective, results.


Profitable partnership

d4 Business Solutions are keen to establish enduring and profitable partnerships and believe that the key to success is a win / win approach. Satisfied clients are more likely to be repeat clients. Repeat clients are more likely to be profitable clients.

Technology is only a means to an end

Technology is what we do well. However all too often in computer related projects it can be pushed at the expense of commercial interests. This is not the d4 Business Solutions approach. We believe that all initiatives should undergo a cost / benefit analysis. It is accepted that at times it can be difficult to be definitive. None the less there should be at least a high degree of confidence any proposal makes commercial sense.


Our generally held view is that less is more and complex is bad. This extends to our dealings with clients. It we are not making your life simpler and eliminating your problems then we are not adding value to your situation.

Take the first step now

The simple start is to provide us with a brief description of your need. If we are not in a position to assist we will be able to identify this quickly. If we can help again it will become very clear very quickly.

Our Services

We know what works

At d4 Business Solutions we have delivered many solutions using many technologies. Practical experience working on commercial systems for the private sector have equipped us to know what works and what doesn't. In the area of ever changing and confusing computer technology we can be your reliable guide.

Areas of expertise include ...

  • website design, development and hosting
  • requirements analysis
  • project management
  • bespoke PC applications
  • database applications
  • report generation
  • data cleaning
  • credit card payments
  • direct debits / credit
  • post coding
  • networks
  • IT infrastructure


Content Management

Manage your own website content using a simple web-based interface.

Search Engine Optimisation

Want to get your website higher up the rankings?.

Email Marketing

We can provide the tools to connect you to your customers.

Bespoke Development

Application Development

Got an idea that requires software development?.